Installation Technician

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Lanz Furnace & Fireplace is a leading HVAC & Fireplace contractor.We specialize in service, service maintenance and installation in mostly the residential but also handle light commercial in those areas as well.

We are looking to add to our team someone who takes pride in their work.One who strives to learn more to be the best of their profession. Gives great customer service and gives their best and working with like-minded people.

Job Description:

Installation Technician; Install, inspect and perform equipment repairs, replacements and preventative maintenance.

Job Duties:

Install HVAC equipment, IAQ products etc.Keep job site neat and clean, always respecting the customer’s home.Compete all necessary paperwork related to job.Maintain inventory on work vehicles, replenish as needed.Keep warehouse and work vehicle clean and organized.Communicate manager daily about current and future assignments.Adhere to all safety policies and procedures. Applicant must have good driving record, good communication skills, be outgoing and willing to do ongoing training. This is a drug free work environment. Please respond with your resume.

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A little about the industry:

HVAC job description concerns installing and repairing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. Professionals who work in the HVAC industry are known as HVAC engineers or HVAC technicians. Their job is to ensure that temperature, humidity, and air quality systems are properly working in order to meet health and safety standards, as well as create a comfortable environment for inhabitants and workers. HVAC technicians pursue HVAC training to develop expertise in their field, and may pursue HVAC certification to demonstrate their expertise in the job market. Working in homes, offices, commercial centers, retail establishments, hospitals, factories, and other such buildings where climate control is needed is part of the HVAC technician’s job. HVAC job duties generally start out relatively broad and basic, though many technicians eventually move into more specialized fields of work.

What Do HVAC Technicians Do?

The primary job duties of an HVAC technician involve installing, operating, and maintaining all aspects of temperature control systems. Because of the variety of types of work involved in the HVAC job description, some technicians choose to specialize in one area or another. For example, a technician working for an HVAC manufacturer may only install new systems, while techs working for an independent repair service may only do repairs and maintenance. Other techs may do both.

A Little about Lanz Furnace & Fireplace:

We are a family owned business that takes a lot of pride in workmanship and customer service.The company itself with over 120 years of experience and expertise proves we are the more than qualified to provide full service and installation for your heating & air condition systems.We have committed to ourselves to customer satisfaction and we will make sure your home or business is kept neat and clean as we work. We offer a variety of products and services to meet your individual needs.Whether it’s New Construction, Remodeling, Retrofit or adding features to your current system, we will give you a no obligation FREE estimate.We also are a full service company and offer maintenance plans to keep your system working for years to come.Our goal is to ensure that every job is done right and every customer is completely satisfied.