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The best fire. The cleanest look. The largest view. It is TRUE. The most authentic masonry appearance available is here.

True Series features include:

Big Impact

The largest viewing areas in their class command attention. Crisp edges and tight finishing completes the clean look.

Bold Fires

Vivid flames rise to life through an illuminated ember bed with LED accent lighting. Enjoy the ambiance with or without the fire.

Distinctive Details

For the most authentic appearance, we turned up the detail. High definition logs. Glowing embers. Brick interior panels. Add a touch of modern with reflective black glass interior panels. Witness it all through virtually invisible, anti-reflective glass. Operating your fireplace is simple, smart and safe with IntelliFire Touch. Select from the IntelliFire® app, touchscreen remote or wireless wall switch for the solution that fits your life.

The True comes in 3 Models: True-36, True-42 and True-50 for all your size needs.

Model Specifications

TRUE 36 Gas Fireplace – DV

Width: 61″
Height: 57-7/8″
Depth: 24″
Rear Width: 59-1/4″
Framing Width: 59-1/2″
Framing Height: 56″
Framing Depth: 24″
Framing Front Width: 59-1/2″
Framing Back Width: 59-1/2″
BTU/hr Input: 28,000 – 45,500
Viewing Area: 35-7/8 x 31-1/16″

TRUE 42 Gas Fireplace – DV

Width: 67″
Height: 62-5/8″
Depth: 24″
Rear Width: 65-5/16″
Framing Width: 65-9/16″
Framing Height: 61″
Framing Depth: 24″
Framing Front Width: 65-9/16″
Framing Back Width: 65-9/16″
BTU/hr Input: 30,500 – 55,500
Viewing Area: 41-7/8 x 36-1/16″

TRUE 50 Gas Fireplace – DV

Width: 75″
Height: 66-5/8″
Depth: 24″
Rear Width: 73-5/16″
Framing Width: 73-9/16″
Framing Height: 65″
Framing Depth: 24″
Framing Front Width: 73-9/16″
Framing Back Width: 73-9/16″
BTU/hr Input: 36,000 – 65,000
Viewing Area: 49-7/8 x 40-1/16″



TRUE 36 Gas Fireplace – DV

Steady State: 76.2% NG
AFUE: 51.9%
Canada EnerGuide: 57.6%

TRUE 42 Gas Fireplace – DV

Steady State: 77.2% NG
AFUE: 67.0%
Canada EnerGuide: 67.0%

TRUE 50 Gas Fireplace – DV

Steady State: 68.9% NG
AFUE: 66.8%
Canada EnerGuide: 69.1%